April 17, 2019 V2.0.0
[CHANGE] Moved the inquiry number to the detail image.
[ADDED] Inquiry ID for identification from existing properties with the same name.
[ADDED] Favorite selection for consumers.
[ADDED] Image size option.
[ADDED] Carousel to each property view in the component.
[ADDED] Categories menu option.
[ADDED] Favorites menu option.
[ADDED] Property image in properties view.
[ADDED] Category image or icon in categories view.
[ADDED] Dealer image in dealers view.
[ADDED] Images and FontAwesome icons to auto features view.
[ADDED] Config option to hide the category buttons from the vehicles view so that the only category use is the categories view.
[FIX] Fixed summery background would not show properly in some cases.
[ADDED] Custom buttons css to modify standard buttons for conformity throughout the component.
[CHANGE] Some minor css changes for standout side widgets.
[FIX] Search module had an extra div causing it to show improperly.
[ADDED] Categories module.
December 8, 2018
CHANGE  Redesign of the layouts for better responsiveness
CHANGE  Added tab views for the Agent/Inquiry in the property details page
MINOR  Added fontawesome icons on the properties view and some minor CSS changes throughout the Component.
September 20, 2018