C M DleJProperty is a complete Residential Real Estate Package for Joomla! 3.x. It allows you to manage and list Properties, Agents, use search filter and booking option is available as well. Great tool for all real estate agents and real estate agencies.
Property Features, Maps, Galleries, Video, Floor Plans, Agents, and an Advanced Search Module. The Properties Module allows you to group your properties by Category and also an option to show/hide the Featured Badge for any featured properties.
Designed for Bootstrap 4


DleJProperty Installation
  • This Component uses the standard Joomla installation guidelines


April 17, 2019 V2.0.0
[CHANGE] Moved the inquiry number to the detail image.
[ADDED] Inquiry ID for identification from existing properties with the same name.
[ADDED] Favorite selection for consumers.
[ADDED] Image size option.
[ADDED] Carousel to each property view in the component.
[ADDED] Categories menu option.
[ADDED] Favorites menu option.
[ADDED] Property image in properties view.
[ADDED] Category image or icon in categories view.
[ADDED] Dealer image in dealers view.
[ADDED] Images and FontAwesome icons to auto features view.
[ADDED] Config option to hide the category buttons from the vehicles view so that the only category use is the categories view.
[FIX] Fixed summery background would not show properly in some cases.
[ADDED] Custom buttons css to modify standard buttons for conformity throughout the component.
[CHANGE] Some minor css changes for standout side widgets.
[FIX] Search module had an extra div causing it to show improperly.
[ADDED] Categories module.
December 8, 2018
CHANGE  Redesign of the layouts for better responsiveness
CHANGE  Added tab views for the Agent/Inquiry in the property details page
MINOR  Added fontawesome icons on the properties view and some minor CSS changes throughout the Component.
September 20, 2018