Using the Apply as Dealer Form

You may want to change Agent to Dealer.  Your choice.  Anything can be used. 
Apply to be a dealer

In order to get this form to work we will lead you through the steps in your Joomla Backend below.

Step 1: Go to Users -> Group -> Add New Group and this will take you to the create user group page.

Step 2: Enter the name of the User Group and select the Group Parent as "Author".

Step 3: To allow Administrator Login for the new group go to System -> Global Configuration -> and select the permissions tab, then the agent tab in the list of groups, then at the Administrator Login section select Allowed.
Step 4: On the left find of the page look for and select DleJAuto and again the permissions tab.  Select the "Agent" group and then at Access Administrator Interface select Allowed.
Step 5: Now at the same page select Component from the top tab and set your Agent Group Name.
Once the user then submits the form an email will be sent to you "the admin" showing the users information.  If you will approve the submission you only have a couple quick things you will need to do.

Step 1: First you will want to go to Users -> Manage and find the user and use Edit mode.  Go to -> Assigned Users Groups and select Agent.  Make sure the other groups are not selected.

Step 2: This is the last step in the process.  Go to Components -> DleJTalent -> Dealers.  Find the new unpublished agent and publish that agent by clicking the red x circle.
You will only need to do the last two steps from here on out since the rest of the setup has been finalized.  When a user applies you will now only need to grant the user access to the Agent user Group and Publish them in the Component.

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